CSGO Official Battle Platform Opens the Test

Posted on 16/06/2017 by admin

The game platform of CS: GO official online game – perfect battle platform today opens the test! It not only for the CS: GO players provides low latency, high tickrate, to fit the player level online match competitive experience, but also to build the battle platform that is intergrated the low threshold, easy-cooperation, re-interaction, professional and interesting gameplay that is suitable for each CSGO player with its enrich event activities, a variety of entertainment games, perfect social system and a strong auxiliary function.

All 128tick server

Perfect battle platform uses the whole 128tick official server, to achieve triple networks competition, since then you can bid farewell to the delay Caton, to perfectly show you every fine operation.

Multi-level matching pattern

Not all competitive match will let you “swap”, “improve your level”. In the perfect match platform, the “fast match” mode uses the full competitive pattern rules, but excluding the ladder scores, you can remove the psychological burden, let go to the hands and feet; “ladder matching” mode access to professional matching algorithm, let you experience the evenly matched battle, steadily improve the competitive level.

Rich entertainment gameplay

There is not only a terrifying athletic competition, there are a variety of games for you to choose. Want to practice? There are bot hit map, preview point bitmap; want to be singled out? 1V1 just gun map is here waiting for you to fight; want more funning gameplay? More entertainment model in the future is about to join, on the official platform to hide and seek, and playing zombies is not a dream.

Almighty official assistant

Perfect battle platform also is equipped with “official assistant” function. Personality sight, quick to buy guns, the set-up you need can be one-stop finished. More personal data real-time analysis, record floating are in the master, so you know the CSGO better.

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