CSGO: Doubts Caused When Playing CSGO

Posted on 20/06/2017 by admin

CS: GO is a competitive game that is inherited from the CS and from the firearms properties, scene material to props have undergone a rigorous design. Due to the difference of material, and firearms, there also created a lot of ambiguous speculation, some of the game details often cause controversy in the players. But these extreme situations in the game is often inconvenient to test, and today we will clarify these rumors for everyone, please look down with doubt.

  1. Hot  Sandcastle2A platform petrol barrel can penetrate it?

Many of the material in the game can penetrate, and even some walls can penetrate, so whether the gasoline barrel in the hot Sandcastle 2 can penetrate it? The answer is no!

  1. Can a shotgun star penetrate items or walls?

Shotgun star is an inexpensive firearms, even in the middle distance there are good damage, and bullets scattered more concentratedly. Then the star can penetrate items or walls? The answer is no!

csgo bedava item kazanma

csgo bedava item kazanma

  1. Can the electric-shockguns penetrate the glass or the door in the end?

The high return and the inherent nature of the ridicule of the electric-shock guns make so many players in the ECO game mode fondle admiringly. But can the electric-shock guns penetrate the glass or the door in the end? The answer is no!

  1. Can I press the E key to interceptthe gun that someone else throw in the air?

In the CS: GO, the E key is very important, take apart the bombs, open the door by pressing the E key, etc.. So if someone else throws the gun into the air, can you steal the gun near you by pressing E key? The answer is yes!

  1. Squatting shot will change the gun recoilor not?

In the game we will see a lot of professional players who like to squat shot, and usually in the match games we also will find that many players are squatting shot, and also often kill someone who is standing in front of the gun. Then squatting shot will reduce the gun recoil or not? The answer is no!

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