CSGO: Tips on Death Race Mode

Posted on 22/06/2017 by admin

When playing CS: GO, what mode is best suited to novice experience? It must be death race. This is the cool mode as each game with 10 minutes and fast rhythm has become the best place for a lot of players to temper guns. Because it is not dead punishment, and features blood resurrection after the player is killed immediately, and it can give novice more shot opportunities, fighting refreshing feeling much higher than tthe competitive mode which is always forced to crowd around the teammate. For the CSGO new player, the death race can also improve the marksmanship, acheive the transistion from the computer to live competing. Next, this article will introduce you some of the skills used in the death race, and if you learn these tips, then your result  in the death race mode will be greatly improved.

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Look around after the blood resurrection

If you are new player in CSGO, just remember that do not rush to go after the resurrection, just look around to check out what the situation is now. Why do you do that? Because in the death mode contest mode, players after resurrection will have 10 seconds of invincible time, you can use the time to select the weapons and observe the surrounding situation and then decide where to go. However, once you start moving, birth protection will be canceled. So if you rush to move, maybe you will be killed behind the cold gun. So just develop habits, and look around after the blood resurrection, do not be sit back and wait for the enemy to be easily caught.

About invincible time in CSGO: If you do not open the purchase menu, invincible time and purchase time are 10s (invincible time and purchase time will come to end when you change the position or shoot); if you open the purchase menu within 10s, invincible time and purchase time will be extended 10s until you complete purchasing or close the purchase menu, that is, theoretically the longest invincible time is 20s.

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