CSGO: Doubts about the CSGO Grenades

Posted on 26/06/2017 by admin

In the CS: GO, several grenades are tactical props that are familiar with all the players, they have been rigorously designed and physically reduced, in the course of the game they can provide a wealth of strategic changes.We all know Grenades’ conventional usages, but for some special assumptions, not everyone tried or verified. In these special circumstances, what effect will grenades in the end show, today in this post we are to reveal the answer for everyone.


Can the damage of the flask be superimposed?

When you step on the flame burst in the flask, the blood will be whizzing down, as if across the screen you still can feel the scorching temperature. So if more than two of the burning flasks at the same time burn, can the damage also be superimposed? The answer is Yes!


When passing hrough the flame, will jumping through it reduce the damage?

When we have to pass through the flame, some players will not help but jump to go, as we may feel that during the jump up moment we will not be burned to the flame. Is that really the case, is jumping through the flame really able to reduce the damage? The answer is NO!

With the body can block the grenade throwing by myself?

The powerful physics engine in CS: GO can perfectly restore the impact of the object in the ideal situation, throwing objects in the building, the ground or the characters will have different performances. But there is a special case, if you throw a grenade against the wall, can you block the grenade rebounding back by your body? The answer is NO!


Hiding behind the teammates can prevent the flash or not?

In the face of the flash from the oncoming, experienced players will immediately turn to avoid the flash, and some players will whim, if I hide behind my teammates, block the light with teammates stalwart figure, will I be safe? The answer is NO!

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