CSGO: Will Use Source 2 Engine and Add the Full AI Intelligent Anti-cheating System

Posted on 27/06/2017 by admin

According to the report from foreign media PCGamesN: “Counter Strike: the global offensive” will use the Source 2 engine, which is another game that uses the  Source 2 engine following by the Valve “DOTA2”, and we still do not know whether Valve will be like EA, updates all the games to the same engine development. It is reported that after using the souce 2 engine, the “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” game UI will bring a big change. The current “DOTA2” Valve is Panorama (UI), and the use of origin 2 engine, the “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” will also use this UI interface. The next action of the “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” will also be launched this summer. At present the official has not yet announced the name, or any other details, the only sure thing is that this summer will bring more contents. In addition to the new engine, the new UI and the next big action, the “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” will join the full AI intelligent anti-cheating system.

If you have enjoyed the CSGO for some times, you may also have some doubts on the CSGO Grenades, right? Just check some answers in the follows if you also interested.

Can you shoot a grenade or change a track with a gun?

Some players may be fantasy such scene, the enemy head to cast a small grenade, and he will instantly act as the gun god, and take out the gun to shot the grenade for explosion. It sounds quite difficult, then in fact the CSGO, can we achieve this effect? The answer is not!

Grenades explosing in the water can deduce the damage or not?

In the game, even if you throw the grenade into the water it will still explode and water will be splashing. So if you are bitten by the grenades in the water, will the damage be less than normal? The answer is not!

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